Have you noticed as some objects contain, even if they do not have one themselves, a soul? The soul of somebody who has put his heart into that particular item.
I know no object that matches that description better than LETTERS!
Letters are used less everyday, replaced by technology and, maybe because of that, they tend not to be misused; when somebody writes one, it is intended to contain something special! Not only a few words written in ordinary ink, but trully a part of the writer, a part of the reader!
We have all heard stores about those letters written by soldiers during World War II and that only reached destination 30 or even 50 years later!
The message, of course, hasn’t been delivered in time and didn’t make sense when it was finally read. But I cannot avoid thinking that something, other than postal dysfunction, has made those letters have such a special, unsual story: The tiny bit of soul of the sender, the part of the recipient hidden inside, must have been planning that amazing destiny!
How many people write letters they do never send? To somebody loved in secret? To a dead and missed companion, a mother, a father?
Those are never sent, but they keep the secrets that have been put there, they hold that part of the writer that nobody else will know!
And the romance! The messages sent to the ones we love the most! The promisses they keep in the secret of their lines; isn’t that a part of ones soul?
Handwritten, carefully folded in a stamped evelope and posted in a mailbox!
Delivered by a postman, nowadays astonished by the fact that those ancient artefacts do still exist!
I like the surprise when the paper touches my hand, when my eyes recognize the handwritting of a dear friend, the excitment in my heart when I open it, just before I start reading the message!
Joy, beautiful happiness fill my soul!
Surely, the reason is that those feelings where also folded inside by the writer!

Dulce Morais

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Uma resposta a Messages

  1. maria diz:

    Se já não temos o cheiro do papel e da tinta quando se escreve, temos a rapidez com que as mensagens sejam ao destino, fazendo com isso, bem ou mal, alegrar ou entristecer ou também, transmitir o que não temos coragem de dizer cara-a-cara.

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