Beauty on Roots

Beauty on Roots

Some live longer than any human being! They have been created to populate our lands, to provide food, shadow, to protect us from the winds. The variety of their beauty has no limit. It is possible to admire so many different species, so many different sizes, so many different sorts of beauty.

Some trees lived centuries and saw the world evolve, change, right before their leaves, move from times when humans would cut them only when they needed wood for their fires, to times where they are destroyed, driven to species extincion, because man wants always more, always better, unuseful items made of their body. It is sad to observe how many of us, often ignorant of what we are doing, want that particular essence for that luxuous piece of furniture! The only aim is to show how good our taste is in the matter of decoration. But we all tend to forget the price to pay for that taste : destroying eternal trees, emptying the rain forrest of its treasure! Withdrawing from the surface of Earth what took milleniums to build, what was supposed to give oxygen to our children. Not only are we overpopulating the planet where we live, consuming its natural resources for our needs, we are as well destroying its beauty for our pleasure!

Are we, humans, incapable of seeing the beauty in the branches of an oak that has seen generations, that sheltered thousands of humans, protecting them from the heat of the sun, providing shade for their picnics, giving fruit every year and above all, showing its beauty, offering it as gift to those who are able to see, to feel, to value perfection?

And there is no need to have a centenary tree to enjoy the beauty of Nature. Suffices to walk in our forrests to see perfection in the magnificent curves of the body of a young tree growing to reach the sky! Touching its rugosity, holding it, hugging it, calms the heart, helps feeling pleasure in simple things, allows happiness in a way that few take advantage of!

If you have a chance, go have a walk in the forrest near your house, wander in your garden if you are lucky enough to have one with trees, any kind of tree, and observe, feel it, enjoy it, respect it, but mainly, thank it for existing, for providing, if nothing else, the beauty of its being!

Dulce Morais

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