Liquid Peace

Liquid Peace

There are very few things that can help lighten worries, calming the heart and thoughts when we cannot find a solution to an issue. There is none, except maybe a human being, that can heat our hands during a winter evening so softly. There is probably nothing that helps so well a confession to a friend, around a table, or better, a fireplace.

The steam emerging from the top, the taste chosen according to preferences and the heat it brings to ones soul, are unique.

It’s more a woman’s thing, to sit with a friend, boil some water, pour it into a pot previously filled with the chosen leaves, to hold the cup between the two hands and tell or listen confessions about life’s good and bad moments.

A cup of tea, when everything seems to go wrong, when thoughts go to places where we don’t want, helps our feet to land again, clears the mind and, sometimes, helps finding the solution that couldn’t be seen before.

To those who are perplex reading these lines, that think that only dreamers or woman would believe that such a simple thing as a cup of tea would do all that, I can only say : Try it!

And when it has worked, when you felt better only because you enjoyed it, or because you got distracted from your worries by that relaxing moment, maybe you will remember that one day, someone, in a very strange blog, wrote, in a weird way, that it would help!

Dulce Morais

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Uma resposta a Liquid Peace

  1. Anonymous diz:

    Hi D. I know for a fact that it works! And I'm not a woman…

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