No Need to Explain

 No Need to Explain

There is no reason
Strong enough to explain
Why I should stay and not leave
Why around you I should remain.

But the good thing about me
Is that I never needed any
To live, to give.
I never searched for many.

Reasons are rational explanations
To love, to enjoy, to hate,
To what cannot be justified,
To explain destiny or fate.

And we share, and we talk,
Secrets to none other told.
And we give, and we hurt,
Each other’s hands we hold.

And if someday the pain becomes
A reason for tears to run,
Too strong to be handled,
I’ll leave to follow the sun.

And I’ll miss you
By my side
But I’ll keep running
So that I can hide.

Dulce Morais

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Uma resposta a No Need to Explain

  1. Isa Lisboa diz:

    Sometimes we love for no apparent reason, but still, we love. Because we are have no will when it comes to love!

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