I have always felt amazed by the capacity of unliving things to transmit messages, feelings or emotions. There are few things that can communicate one of those, but even less that can transmit the three at the same time.

I have recently visited a beautiful castle. But it isn’t really the castle that has made me know something, not even the guide explaining the History of the place and its mysteries. It was the stones!

Stones moved there by ancestors willing to mark History, sculptured by the hands of a worker that will remain forever unknown, telling a story, a tale, or in most of the cases, telling something that can be interpreted in so many ways that we keep the feeling of mystery alive in the heart, fed by human curiosity that will never be satisfied. And the extraordinary feeling that so many steps have walked on the same stones, so many eyes have admired the same beauty, so many emotions felt at the look at the same images.

It’s an amazing experience that we tend to neglect. We do all visit old stones, left by History on our path, but we forget it very quickly. Of course, we need to live in the present, not in the past, not in the future. But there is no present or future without the past.

We wouldn’t be here, at this particular place, members of this particular nation, living in this particular land, if our respective ancestors, no matter where we live, hadn’t feel the need to build something, to conquer, to fight, to lead countries and people.

We are only humans and we are nothing in the Universe. But the stories told by the stones of our past give us the illusion that, after all, we could be something!

Dulce Morais

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