Have you ever faced one of those moments when, a hand on a door knob, you are not sure anymore if you want to enter the room behind ? One can travel miles and miles to reach that particular place but, when finally there, when the pace is finally reachable, we hesitate facing the last obstacle between us and the goal of the journey : a door. And, our hand holding the knob, we hesitate one last time, thinking whether or not we want to cross that last barrier, whether or not we want to know what is behind the door. The knob in our hand sometimes becomes hot, so hot that we release it and, in most cases, we will not try again to open the door. We will remain with that feeling of unaccomplishment, that frustration of not having dared, not having tried.

The worst is when this happens with life doors: the door of friendship, of happiness, of self acceptance. Those are the most difficult doors to open because they don’t only need the will to do so; they need courage, they need bravery. It is very sad to see how many people reach those doors but don’t cross them, don’t dare to. Even brave and daring people sometimes get back when at the hedge of true happiness or in front of the door of self accomplishment. How many of us accept unhappiness and frustration in the name of conventions ? How many would rather remain in a disliked situation, with a person they don’t love anymore, in a job they only do as a routine, in a country they are tired of, only to avoid criticism or because they fear the change, knowing nothing but to do what others expect. Rather than doing what they really feel inside their being, most people choose the status-quo or, in some cases, insignificant changes that give only the illusion of evolution. And they keep inside the dreams, the desires, the will to move to other levels. At some point, after being rejected and hidden, many times in the name of social acceptance, in the name of cowardice, those dreams, desires or wills, will vanish. You can recognize people whose dreams are dead: they smile only with their lips, but never with their eyes, laugh but never from the heart, they love, but never completely, because they grew unable to love themselves.

And when I see that smile in the face of a young person it makes me realize how sad it must be to kill one’s desires and dreams so young. How sad it must be to face the life that is ahead with a part of oneself already dead. And that is the reason why we should all dare to cross the doors we face. We can always get back if we dislike what we find, but we will never regret trying. Next time our hands hold a door knob and our heart hesitates, let’s remember that it is worth it living our dreams.

Dulce Morais

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