About the author

I was born in Tomar, Portugal. As I child, I left the country to follow destiny and have discovered several cultures. I was a teenager when I arrived near the Leman Lake, in Geneva, where I have lived for twenty-five years. There I have studied, created a family and started to write prose and poetry in notebooks that were, when complete, hidden in carefully locked drawers.

Knowing different countries and horizons has been beneficial and has created a constant curiosity for Humanity, science, psychology, but above all, letters. Since I have learned how to decrypt the wonderful code of writing, I have always carried a book with me, so that I can travel in dreams in the imagination of the authors. If I have started with Mark Twain and followed by Robert Luis Stevenson and similar, I came to discover, during teenage years, the Brontë sisters, Jane Austen, but also Hermann Hesse, Gabriel Garcia Márquez and so many others.

I have so strongly absorbed the culture and idioms of the countries where I have lived, that I barely have practiced Portuguese during 36 years. Having decided to come back to Portugal in 2010, I have learned the language of my origins during an entire years before coming to live in the city of my childhood. Since then, I live a passion for Camões’ tongue and, with the advise of my friends, I enthusiastically discover Portuguese and Brazilian literature.

As for writing, although I let it flow increasingly in Portuguese, I have never renounced to write tales, reflexions, prose and poetry in English and French. 

You will also find my works here:

Tubo de Ensaio – Laboratório das Artes

Pense fora da caixa

Neo Literattus

Dulce Morais

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